Why choose modular build for your extension?

Benefits of offsite modular build

Once a design has been approved by both the client and the relevant planning authorities, the project is passed over to the Structex design team. The details and dimensions of the structure are remodeled using the latest, 3D design software, before being fabricated to the client’s exact specifications, under controlled conditions, in our state-of-the-art premises.

Modular home extensions

Computer aided design and off-site construction offers tremendous advantages compared with traditional on-site construction methods in terms of the precision of build, and the elimination of the possibility of bad quality workmanship or poor build quality. In terms of accuracy and the integrity of build, the Structex method of construction is unrivaled. Since modular components are prefabricated, this allows buildings to be easily expanded, reduced or relocated to adapt with your changing business environment. Other major advantages include a quicker installation timeframe and less material waste due to the pre-engineered aspect of modular systems.

Structex CAD example

We strive to maintain a work environment where everyone has the opportunity to apply and develop skills and talents consistent with our values and business objectives.There are several advantages to choosing modular construction methods over traditional construction. The most obvious advantage is the flexibility that is inherent with modular systems.



The design services offered by the Structex team and the flexibility of the Structex System make it possible for us to commit to the owners desired building design.
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Structex produces a wide range of buildings from traditional finished new houses and extensions to matching existing house finishes and designs to suit.
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The Structex system allows you to turn your plans into reality far more quickly than with traditional methods of construction.
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With Structex there is no need for a contingency budget we provide precise quotes and accurate timescales with no hidden, unepxected costs.
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