Some of your questions, answered…

Q.  What information do you need to give us in order to provide a budget estimate?

Most importantly we require dimensioned elevation and plan drawings of the proposed extension. We need some indication of the finish you wish to achieve on the outside of the building i.e. Brickwork….render…or some other cladding. Location is important for a number of reasons. Calculation of the distance from the factory can have a bearing on the overall budget price. If it is possible to have a post code we are able to view the location to ascertain the suitability of the existing site/house to accommodate the Structex solution and we can ensure there are no access problems at an early stage of the enquiry.

Q.  How are the modular panels constructed?

The panels are made from 2 layers of reinforced concrete, with a thick layer of insulation in between making a sandwich panels achieve high U-values. They are connected used carbon fibre ties which all but eradicated cold bridging.

Q.  Can we match existing?

We do try to. We will always provide samples of the cladding material we intend to use for client approval before proceeding to manufacture the panels.

Q.  Can the system be used over 2 or more storeys?

Yes, it can. Maximum would be 4 storeys.

Q.  What is the budget price per M²?

This very much depends on the items listed to the left and each enquiry is different. So, the more information you can supply up front means we can offer you an accurate budget cost.

Q.  What finish can be achieved on the exterior of the panels?

In the main all types of finish. Bricks certainly. If we can identify the original bricks that have been used, we can normally source an equivalent slip brick to use as the decorative finish to the panel. Render is another finish that can be used. If timber is required, this can be connected to the panel and stone as well.

Q.  How long does it take to design the work?

Normally we can take you sketches and produce a fully panellised solution within 4 weeks. This may vary at busy times. These drawings are issued to the client for final approval before manufacture commence

Q.  How long does it take to install the panels?

Once foundations are installed, the panels on most extensions could be installed at a rate of a floor per day. A single storey extension will take one day to install, a 2 storey extension will take 2 days.

Q. Which areas of the country do we cover?

Currently we cover anywhere from the Wash south. We hope to expand this area northwards in the coming months so please contact for a current area update if you have a specific enquiry.