What is modular construction?

Structural Insulated Panels with a difference

Structex panels comprise of a minimum of 100mm thick insulation layer, sandwiched between two layers of concrete. The inner layer is structural, with a paint-ready inner face and the outer layer provides the cladding, giving you the option of an external finish of any desired style, including brick, tiling, stone, render or any combination therein.

Whilst the use of twin wall is not new, the design and manufacture adopted in this method of construction offers a number of advantages over other precast systems, which tend to be constrained to a particular size, and limit flexibility. The design services offered by the Structex team make the design fit the system, rather than the other way round.


The design services offered by the Structex team and the flexibility of the Structex System make it possible for us to commit to the owners desired building design.
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Structex produces a wide range of buildings from traditional finished new houses and extensions to matching existing house finishes and designs to suit.
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The Structex system allows you to turn your plans into reality far more quickly than with traditional methods of construction.
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With Structex there is no need for a contingency budget we provide precise quotes and accurate timescales with no hidden, unepxected costs.
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